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The 2000 Rupee Note Has No Nano Chip, RBI Never Mentioned It

A number of rumors on WhatsApp and Facebook about the Nano GPS chip in the 2000 rupee note were circulated. But there is bad news for everyone who believed it and argued about it. There is no such thing.

The 2000-rupee note is just an ordinary bill and there is no information about the nano chip from the RBI.

Fake News About the 2000 Rupee Note Was Posted on Mainstream Media

In fact, some reporters even posted this as a confirmed news report. One of the reports was published by Zee News. Even technology that was never invented was mentioned in the article. For example, detecting the currency note from 120 meters under the ground was also possible, according to the article.

details of 2000 rupee note released by RBi

This technology is too costly and impossible to implement practically on currency notes. It just seemed like something out of a James Bond movie. Yet, many people believed this to be credible and shared the rumor in the form of texts and images on social media and WhatsApp.

RBI Did Not Mention About Nano Chips

The Reserve Bank of India failed to mention anything about the nano chips. This is because there is no such thing in the new 2000 rupee note. However, some people argued that the RBI is keeping this information secret.

Even though, it is not easy to implement a tracker in a currency note and no such technology is used anywhere internationally. Modi’s sudden move to eradicate black currency has already triggered a lot of panic. This is one source for many rumors lately.


It is a good thing to check the credibility of a message received on WhatsApp or Facebook before forwarding it to someone else. It is a mistake that most of us often end up making. This results in the spread of false information, which could be misused.

The 2000 rupee note is nothing but an ordinary currency bill that has no special technology. It has features that help the visually impaired to identify it, just like other currency notes in India. Apart from that and the new design, there is nothing jaw-opening about it.

To know more, visit RBI’s website for the complete details.