National Gold Medalist Found Selling Oranges on a Highway, Gets a Deserving Job After Her Photo Went Viral

Buli Basumatary, from Chirang district in Assam, who shot to popularity worldwide in archery with a gold in a 50-metre occasion in the National Elder Archery Champion and trained at the Sports Authority of India, was just recently in news in the media when she was spotted selling fruits on the roadside. The story captured much attention and the eye of the authorities which assisted Buli get a job.

Buli suffered injuries in 2010, which ended her tryst with the world of sports. Without any financial backing offered to her by the federal government or any sports authority, her dream to pursue archery concerned stop. After marrying a labourer and a mother of 2, financial resources took a toll on her and she was seen offering oranges on the NH 31 Highway.

The 28-year-old, who declared her medals as her most significant possessions, was training budding archers at Sidli-Koshikotra Higher Secondary school. Buli stated she can still be successful as an expert archer if she got some assistance from the Assam government and Bodo Territorial Council.

Following this, Buli has been designated as the Archery coach at Saruhojai. On February 8th, she met the honourable sports minister of Assam Naba Kumar Doley in Guwahati who did the needful.

Buli won 2 gold medals and one silver in the National sub-junior Archery Champion 2014 in Rajasthan. In Maharashtra too, Buli won a gold and silver. She secured a silver medal in the 28th National Archery Champion 2008 in the group occasion in Jamshedpur. With different states and local awards that were bestowed upon her, she constantly thought her medals might assist her get a government job.

Media once again played its part in saving the status of a deserving sports person.We hope she discovers this chance as the assistance that she looks for to continue her enthusiasm.