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  • Representative image of Kerala church

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    Kerala Church Becomes Savior of the Needy During Demonetization

    It is a well-known fact that the entire nation is now facing a cash crunch as an effect of demonetization. Despite the measures and countermeasures undertaken by the banks and the government, there is still a lot of demand for cash. But in these tough times, a church in Kerala decided to help the needy, […]

  • Supreme court questions demonetization efforts

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    Cannot Have Surgical Strike Against People of the Country – Supreme Court

    Rejecting the central government’s stay on the notification of demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes, the Supreme Court asked it to reduce the inconvenience caused to the people. A team led by senior advocate Kapil Sibal said that they did not request a stay. Instead, they at least wanted some answers from the government […]

  • Fire at Sahidabad Garment Factory Kills More Than 12


    Fire at Sahidabad Garment Factory Kills More Than 12

    At least 12 people are feared dead at a horrific incident in U.P this morning. A fire broke out early in the morning at a garment factory in UP. The Sahidabad fire station received a call at 5: 20 AM, after which 6 firemen were sent to control the situation. Later, many other firemen were […]

  • 2000 rupee note does not have chip

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    The 2000 Rupee Note Has No Nano Chip, RBI Never Mentioned It

    A number of rumors on WhatsApp and Facebook about the Nano GPS chip in the 2000 rupee note were circulated. But there is bad news for everyone who believed it and argued about it. There is no such thing. The 2000-rupee note is just an ordinary bill and there is no information about the nano […]

  • School in Kashmir set on fire

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    Now, Teachers in Kashmir Have to Be on Night Duty Too

    The unrest in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir has sky-rocketed. In the past few days, there were numerous reports of school buildings being torched. Around 27 schools have been torched in various locations all over the state. Even a school in the central part of Kashmir was not spared. With a plan to […]

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    Air Pollution All Over India Higher Than 2014 and 2015 Due to Fireworks

    The air pollution levels in many cities across the country reached high levels on Monday. This was the aftermath of the fireworks and crackers that were burned the whole night on Diwali. The System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) predicted this earlier. As usual, it was Delhi that was the most […]

  • Pierce Brosnan apologises for Pan Bahar ad

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    Pierce Brosnan Says That His Image in Pan Bahar Was Unauthorized

    In a shocking statement, Pierce Brosnan said that his image and endorsement used in the Pah Bahar commercial was “unauthorized” and “deceptive”. Brosnan said that he had signed the contract only because he was told that it was a breath freshener. Pierce Brosnan also mentioned that he was “deeply shocked and saddened” at the commercial. […]

  • Militants in Kashmir

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    Militants in Srinagar Kill Two Security Officers and Wound Many Others

    While paramilitary forces of the Indian Army were traveling in a convoy, they were ambushed by militants this evening. Two security officers were killed and many others were wounded, according to an unconfirmed report. Though the forces are looking for the militants, it appears that they have escaped. One of the officers killed is believed […]