Truth Behind the Horrific Trend of Farmer Suicide in Andhra Pradesh

Alibaba, a practising farmer from Revanooru town, Koilakuntla Mandal, Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh cultivated crops on his mother’s two-acre land and on an extra 6.5 acres that he rented.

Based on the lease arrangement, Alibaba would pay Rs 20,000 per acre beforehand, however due to extreme dry spell for the previous 4 years, his cotton and Bengal gram crops were harmed, and in 2016, his land might just produce one-third of the overall yield.

Alibaba needed to borrow an extra Rs 2 lakh since the aid was not enough to construct a home under the Indira Real estate Plan. Even more, the crop loss, dry spells, lease arrangement associated payments, all pressed Alibaba into much deeper monetary crisis.

He even more persuaded his mother to offer 1.5 acres of the 2-acre land she owned to settle some quantity. Because it was a paltry amount of cash, he was not able to hold up against the financial obligation crisis; he committed suicide by taking in pesticide, the same pesticides he purchased to safeguard his crops from pests.

Everyone in the village can attest to why, how and under what circumstances Alibaba died, but the officials allege in their report to Rural Development Organisation that Alibaba’s death was due to a dispute between him and his wife. It was further argued that at the time of his death, Roja Bi, his wife, was at her mother’s place, along with their daughter.

Alibaba is yet to get the settlement or any assistance from the authorities. Alibaba was a degree holder from Koilakuntla. He likewise finished his ITI course in Srisailam. His mother did whatever within her power to educate her only son. Alibaba took to farming after all his efforts to find himself a job went in vain.

This case is very blatant where everybody in the village testified for Alibaba, and they agreed that he was drowned in debts. These farmers go on taking loans to sustain for himself. They don’t get compensations from the government. By declaring that these farmers are dying because of family disputes, the government tries to avoid any arguments said Mr Kiran Kumar Vissa, State-Committee Member of Rythu Swarajya Vedika, an organisation working for rights of agricultural workers. 

Just recently, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) validated the truth of 322 percent increase in the farmer suicides in Andhra Pradesh throughout 2015 over 2014. The crisis has been taking a bigger shape since of the carelessness of the government. NCRB evaluated that personal bankruptcy, financial obligation, and farming associated problems as significant reasons for suicides amongst farmers. It stated that about 4479 from 8,007 suicides reported mainly due to owing money. This represents a massive 55.9 percent of the overall suicides.

It is about time for the government to reveal some guarantee measures by assisting the farming neighbourhood to rise from their financial obligation. As the nation is preparing for another spell of gruelling summer, the government needs to take preventive steps to save the lives of farmers.