Brothers Spot Fire on GoAir Flight, Saves 194 Lives

A huge catastrophe was avoided when 2 teens, Rohit Singh (17) and his cousin Nitin, informed the Delhi Police Control Room of smoke coming out of an airplane’s engine, saving the lives of 194 passengers on a GoAir flight.

Brothers Spot Fire on GoAir Flight, Saves 194 Lives

We received a call at 7:40 PM about the fire on the GoAir aeroplane. We immediately verified the caller, and the agencies of the concerned flight were informed, following which the flight made an emergency landing on Runway 28,” says Sanjay Bhatia, Deputy Commissioner of Police.

The authorities notified the Central Industrial Security Force at Terminal 1D which communicated the message to AOCC (Airport Operations Nerve center) and ATC (Air traffic control service). As quickly as the event was reported, a complete emergency situation was stated. All required safety measures were taken, and the ambulance and fire security were continued standby to manage any unfortunate circumstance.

The aeroplane made an emergency landing, and all the passengers were accommodated on subsequent flights.

GoAir flight G8-557 flying from Delhi to Bengaluru took off at 7:28 PM from Indira Gandhi Airport and made an emergency landing at 7:53 PM at Delhi airport itself.

Rohit and Nitin were sitting on the terrace when they saw an aeroplane fly over their heads. The boys were shocked to see the tail of the aeroplane on fire. Rohit was not able to discern what he had seen and called out to his father, Navneet Singh. Without wasting any time, his father called the Delhi Police.