Okay lets cut the story short. We all know why you are here.

You want to change the world and what better way of doing so by being able to share your views, stories and opinions to a million people in a go. Our Facebook posts alone are viewed by over 10 million people a week. So lets get started right away.

Team up, write for us and change the world

How do I benefit from teaming up with The Ideal Indian?

1. All your stories are published under your name.
2. Learn the various aspects of digital storytelling.
We walk you through the learning curve with guidelines on how to craft the best online content including the post structure, headline, use of keywords and much more.
Get wider audience base by leveraging our growing Social Media influence to reach out to more readers, above and beyond your personal circles.
5. Learn how to market and get traffic to your content.
6. Create your writing portfolio.
7. Your stories can be reviewed and edited, making it more appealing to readers.
8. We will assist and provide you with the most up-to-date engaging topic ideas.

Who can Team up with The Ideal Indian?

1. Someone with an intent to start a professional career in writing and create a portfolio of published articles.
2. Aspiring Journalists.
3. Students. House Wives. Working Professionals.
4. Individual Bloggers [helps to drive traffic back to your own blog] or anyone with a passion for writing.

What can I write?

The sole purpose of The Ideal Indian is to bring forward the stories that address various social issues and help people in some way.

A. You can write and contribute original stories, interviews, and interesting lists, making sure they are in sync with TII’s editorial guidelines. Kind of stories you and your friends will love to read and share.

B. If you are an internet nomad, you may also curate interesting stories, positive news, and videos which are aligned to TII’s editorial guidelines.

To gain a better perspective, please do spend some time exploring our site and surf through all the categories and the variety of stories that others have been contributing so far.

Will I get paid?

The answer is Yes and No.

We do not offer any compensation to our “Team up Contributors” as it’s a mutually benefiting program wherein you benefit from our existing reach and growing range of audience, and social media presence to get visibility and enhance your skills over time.

However, if you are able to contribute frequently and your stories consistently perform well, you can move to the next level in our writer’s hierarchy, “Editor“, where you get a share of the revenue generated by your content.

It’s challenging. But fun. Do you accept the challenge?

Sounds interesting. What’s next?

Simply write an email to us at contact@theidealindian.com and we will get you started.