This Pakistani Couple Is Fighting All Odds To Save Their Little Daughter’s Life

Maira is 8 years old and was born with a genetic disorder called Cystic Fibrosis. Adding on, her right lung is completely damaged and needs either Stem cell transplantation or Lung transplantation to prolong her life.

Her father, Muhammad Junaid says that it was terrible to watch her suffer as a baby. For the first two years she was completely relying on Nasogastric Intubation and Feeding. The mucus in her lung had to be suctioned out 3 times a day and “As years passed by, we trained her to take out the mucus by herself”, he says.

Hope for maria. Pakistani child cystic fibrosis


Due to her condition, she has never been able to go to school and has spent her all life within the walls of her house or hospital. Doctors in Pakistan refused to operate her lung, as it will only worsen her condition.


After a long and hard fight, the couple managed to take Maria to the USA to be treated. Maria is currently being treated at the Texas Children’s Hospital. They have managed to convince the hospital to put her on the transplant waiting list, however being a non-resident of the US the total cost of the procedure adds up to be a whooping $1.1 Million.

Hope for maria. Pakistani child cystic fibrosis


The family is now trying to raise funds to save Maria’s life.

You can check her profile through the following links and donate.

  1. Hope for Maria: Website
  2. Hope for Maria: Facebook page
  3. Hope for Maria: Go fund me page

On contacting us Junaid, mentioned that you will be able to make your donation directly to the Children’s Texas hospital as well.

Disclaimer: The Ideal Indian has no personal affiliation with them. We were contacted by Junaid to help them raise funds to save Maria. We however find it to be genuine.

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