Farmer Spent 16 Years Learning Law to Fight a Legal Battle Against a Chemical Corporation That Polluted His Land

Persistence and self-discipline are most likely the 2 biggest weapons in your toolbox that can take you far. Whether it is your objective in life or modification that you wish to see– it needs to begin with you. No matter who you are, whatever situations you deal with in life– absolutely nothing can stop you if you are determined. 

A farmer in China raised the bar of determination and dedication by winning the preliminary of a legal fight against an effective state-owned chemicals corporation, after investing 16 years teaching himself about the law.

60-year-old Wang Elin from Heilongjiang, who left school in 3rd grade of main education, invested the last 16 years to take legal action against the state-owned Qihua Group for discarding chemical waste on his farmland that covered more than 70 acres.

The court ruled in favour of Wang and the villagers, and Qihua Group that has a yearly turnover around 2 Billion Yuan (1 Yuan = 9.79 INR), needed to tidy up the waste. For the last16 years, the production plant disposed approximately 20,000 tonnes of chemical waste, reported South China Morning Post. In accordance with a government report, the Qihua Group had filled a 478-acre pond around the farmland with liquid waste.

Mr Wang had grumbled about the matter to the Land Resources Bureau of Qiqihar, however they had asked him to bring more proof. Mr Wang needed to produce proof legal proof, which’s when he chose to take the matter in his hand. He started his journey of studying law. With no funds to purchase books, Mr Wang went on a barter handle the owner of a regional book shop. He would exchange corn for the opportunity of checking out inside the book shop and copy down helpful details.

After 16 years of studying law, he had put together all the required legal proof to submit a strong case against the Qihua. From 2007, a Chinese law office specialised in contamination chose to provide Mr Wang complimentary legal suggestions after becoming aware of her case. The Angangxi District Court lastly consented to take the case in 2015. After the very first hearing, the court bought Qihua Group to obtain rid of the chemical waste on the land and pay payment of an overall 820,000 Yuan (approx US$ 120,000) to the 55 households included.

Wang informed South China Morning Post that the success was essential for the concept of the farmers having defended their rights, as the settlement would just total up to less than 15,000 Yuan (US$ 2180) for each household. The Qihua Group has appealed for the evaluation of the judgment, Mr Wang is positive that he will win the case.